Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Meet Sarah's Plastic Surgeon: Dr. John Meara

Voted as one of the 20 most innovative pediatric surgeons alive today!!

Dr. John Meara is the associate professor of surgery and the associate professor of global health and social medicine at the Harvard Medical School. He is also the plastic surgeon-in-chief at Children’s Hospital Boston. He is the director of the Paul Farmer Global Surgery Fellowship program in order to train doctors and community leaders and make surgical care, education and research on craniofacial anomalies accessible around the globe. He performs craniofacial surgeries at the Advanced Fetal Care Center of Children’s Hospital Boston in order to treat cleft lip and palate as early as possible, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes and reducing the risk of feeding and speech complications. He pioneered research in the economic impact of surgical interventions in third world and low-income countries. He also developed programs to research the quality, safety and effectiveness of cleft lip and palate surgery in low-income nations. His primary practice goal is to reduce the burden of significant surgical diseases around the world so that appropriate care is affordable and accessible to children in any country.

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