Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sarah's All About Me Book

Today we created an "All About Me" book for Sarah to bring with her to the hospital. It has lots of pictures of her family and talks about things that she likes to do. We hope it will bring her comfort. It will give the nurses and doctors a chance to get to know Sarah better and our hope is they can engage her in conversation about things she is familiar with.
Sarah has continued to stay with Mimi and Papa and although we miss her so very much we know that is how to keep her healthy. Jason is still not feeling well and went back to the doctor today. Diagnosis=Sinus Infection. He started an antibiotic today and will hopefully be on the mend.
We hope and pray that all our efforts to keep Sarah separated from the sick germs at the house will pay off and they will be able to do the surgery. Mommy is finally feeling much better and is thankful that she has her strength back to continue on this journey.

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Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful idea! I hope all the Jeffers will be feeling better soon! I know Sarah will do amazing in surgery. My thoughts are with you always!