Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And so she sleeps......

Sarah has had her medication for the night and for now sleeps peacefully. We did get another roommate which is a little baby girl who had cleft pallet repair. Sarah is excited to have her for a roommate. Sarah didn't each much of her dinner tonight but did save enough room for a couple bites of ice cream. We spoke with her care team today and it has been decided for her to continue on morphine over night. They had wanted to switch her to oxycodone but after she vomited from that last night and her history of not tolerating  it well the decision was made to hold off. The plan for now is to continue with the morphine, Tylenol, and all other medications until she is a little stronger and develop a plan from there as she cannot go home on morphine. The hope is that she will feel better tomorrow. The doctor's will likely take off her head dressing and possibly remove her drain. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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