Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Smiles

It was a long night last night but don't worry folks apparently we have the penthouse here on the 10th floor. Look at our view

After a rough patch of vomiting and naseau Sarah was finally able to hold down a few sips of apple juice and munched on some cheerios. We brought our own Popsicle maker to make her favorite apple Popsicle.Sarah was in a good amount of pain last night and was not very happy. We have learned that she is not able to tolerate the oxycodone which makes her sick, but right now the morphine management appears to be working. She is on a variety of medications including steroids, antibiotics, nausea medications, and of course pain medication. If we are proactive about it she is able to remain comfortable. It was so hard to hear her cry in pain last night. She is now able to tell us when it is starting to hurt a little instead of waiting until it hurts a lot.

Sarah has had some really nice nurses. Our nurse Linda who took care of Sarah from our arrival on the floor until midnight really did everything she could to make Sarah as comfortable as possible. Sarah liked her. 


Karen Potischman said...

So wonderful to see her smile this morning!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you sitting up eating an apple popcycle and smiling.

Jay says he's sad your in the hospital, and that he loves you.


Anonymous said...

So happy she is smiling...Josh says Hi! He can't wait to see his friend home and better!

Mary Dubuque

Anonymous said...

The photo of brave and smiling Sarah with her favorite frozen pop really hits your heart. We are rooting so hard for you Sarah! xo Mary and Marty

Larry P said...

What a brave little girl!!We hope Sarah has a better day today.

Uncle Larry, Auntie Marsha, cousins, Robin, Curtiss and Adam

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing and showing us a wonderful pic. She's so lucky to have you guys!