Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Off to the OR

Here she is all dressed in her hospital gear. They have apparently made upgrades to their gowns since our last stay, and are a more comfy jersey material. We arrived at the hospital on time and missed all traffic :) Despite are very early morning wake up and our anxieties our spirits were high.

We had a chance to meet all the doctors and nurses who will be taking care of her. Dr. Meara and Dr. Proctor will perform her Cranioplasty. Sarah's ENT, Dr. Kenna has her associate partnering with the Craniofacial docs while she is already under anesthesia to replace ear tubes. The OR allows one parent to come with Sarah to the OR until she falls asleep. I put on my operating gear which Sarah and Daddy thought was pretty funny. It is surprisingly very warm under that material.

Sarah's anesthesiologist came over and remembered us from our last visit. She was so sweet and kind with Sarah. Sarah picked a grape scent for her gas mask. Daddy reached over to give Sarah a hug and she had a hard time letting go of him and was tearful. As Sarah was rolled down to the OR she kept looking back to make sure I was there. Once in the OR Sarah was able to climb on the operating table which had an inflatable cushion that looked very cozy. Sarah held tight onto her "Nah" and her Emily doll. I held Sarah's hand and stroked her hair. The anesthesiologist and I sang "A tisket, A tasket" song to her which Grammie has always sung to her. I gave Sarah one last kiss and left her in the hands of these great doctors and nurses. I was led back to Bill. We gave each other a look we are all to familiar with and knew exactly what the other was feeling. We are so blessed to have the best doctors in the world helping our Sarah, which is no exaggeration. We are so lucky to live this close to one of the greatest hospitals in the world. I know we are not alone in our journey and each child here has there own story.

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