Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sarah woke up this morning and was anxious to eat some breakfast. She picked frosted flakes and a bagel. Sarah was able to eat 1/2 her cereal and a couple bites of her bagel. Soon after this we realized her catheder was leaking and the docs decided to take it out. Sarah did not like this mostly because the tube was taped to her leg. Sarah was given a fresh johnny and clean bedding. We decided to check out the playroom but becasue she was so weak she got to ride in the wagon. Once in the playroom we could see she was very pale. Sarah wanted to leave the playroom and go for a ride down the hall but on the way asked to go back to her room. She said she didn't feel good. Once settled back in the room Sarah informed us her head was hurting again and was given some pain medication. She was able to pick her lucnh from the menu and chose pasta with butter, baby carrots, and chocolate milk for lunch. She did fairly well with her lunch.

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit this afternoon and brought Sarah beautiful flowers and Mom and Dad lunch. We were all very much appreciative.

Overall Sarah is doing well, she is just very weak. She still has a drain in her head which continues to give output. Right now she is sleeping comfortably which is nice to see.

We have enjoyed having the room to ourselves but have found out we are getting a roommate.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear she is doing well...good job mom and dad! Cam said he hopes she feels better so she can come to his birthday party!
Carissa and Cam

Anonymous said...

Yyaayyy Sarah!!!! Keep up the good work and get back to Worcester so we can play at the park and get papa Gino's!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear she is able to keep food down and I'm glad to know that both of you are with her. Lots of love:)
Mary Warchal and family

Anonymous said...

We're rooting for you Sarah! Sending you hugs and smiles from Long Island. Love, Jayne, Brian, Joanna, Dan and Emma Rose