Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Whole World

When you have a baby you hope for one thing, a happy and healthy baby. And for the most part we have been blessed. Blessed to be able conceive and carry a two babies, and that overall that our children are fairly healthy and happy. And yes, the children especially Sarah have had some medical challenges, but overall they are just like any other child their age. We have a great support system filled with family and friends. Bill and I both have jobs. We own a home, two cars, and love our two beautiful children. Yet right now that doesn't feel like enough. We are hopeful that this journey will end well. Right now, right this very minute this path doesn't feel so well. And although right this very minute Sarah is resting peacefully I know that when she wakes up her head will be hurting again and she will need more medicine. I know that I cannot take away the pain that she is feeling know matter how much I hug and love her. I couldn't do it when she was crying in pain and I can't tonight. Experiences like this aren't anything a parent expects to ever have to go through, and our own experience is nothing compared to what some deal with every day. But yesterday and today is our reality right now. Our daughter has been sad and in pain and all I can do is love her. I can't take the pain away, and I can't take away the sadness she feels in being here. It is a terrible feeling as a parent to feel helpless. I have no idea what is going on in the world around me right now and honestly I don't care. My focus is my child, our children who are our whole world.


Anonymous said...

Sarah and Jason have been blessed to have two very loving parents who would give them the world!

Mary Warchal

Anonymous said...

It's so very hard for you and Bill to go through all these operations with Sarah. It is very hard for you
to sit by knowing that you can't do anything for Sarah's pain and being poked and proded. So I'll say to you Jill what you say to your both kid's. "No be sad" This has been a lot of stress on both you and Bill.
I think that the parents have a harder job than the Dr's, sitting by taking care while they heal.
I hope it help's to know that I love you, and I wish I could do more. Love ya, Mom & Grammie.