Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2-Recovery

These are pictures from today at noontime. Sarah's eyes are almost all the way swollen shut. She is being such a little trooper. We are awaiting her transfer to the children's floor on the 9th floor-the neurosurgery patient side. She did have another bout of vomiting this morning and has not wanted to drink anything since last night. She is receiving iv fluids but they would like to see her drink on her own at some point. We think she is afraid to drink anything because she will "throw up". The doctors continue to be pleased with her progress. It is so hard for us to see her like this, we feel helpless. It does seem to ease her anxiety to have us at her bedside. Thank you all for your support, prayers, and kind words. I believe we will have access to our cell phones on the children's floor. Thank you for those who have left messages it has been difficult to return calls. Sarah is currently watching (really listening because she can't see well) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is starting to engage in small bits of conversation. She was able to tell Daddy it was a new Mickey Mouse Show........hopefully this is a good sign.


Anonymous said...

Love that sweet girl!!! She is doing so great! Thinking and praying for her here in Melrose! Give me a call if you need anything! Love, Joanna

Caroline said...

You have been a big brave girl all
through your operation. I here your
drinking and started to eat a little, good job!!! Grammie will be there to see you tomorrow. Love you!!!!