Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Friend

Sarah has made some progress. She is taking walks around the floor and has visited the playroom. She had a stomache ache for most of the day but is now feeling much better. We spent the evening visiting with Sarah's roomate Lauren and her parents. This is one of the nicest families you will ever meet. They have such a kind and gentle way with their daughter and have treated us just the same. Lauren, age 8, is an awesome little girl. She has been through alot herself and shows so much empathy for others. She and Sarah spent sometime coloring together this evening. It was one of the happiest moments we have spent since we have been here! We look forward to spending some more time with Lauren and her family tomorrow. Spending time with a friend has really given a little lift to Sarah's spirits.

Sarah's drain still remains in her head and they have put a wrap around her head to put some pressure on the skull to release more fluid. Hopefully the drain will come out tomorrow and Sarah will pick up with her eating and drinking. She had difficulty keeping her medication down today and is on iv fluids again tonight to replenish what she lost.


Caroline said...

She is looking so much better Jill. I'm glad she found a nice
friend. Maybe she'll eat better now. Love you all, Grammie

Shaun said...

This is Lauren's Mom and Dad writing a little message to say that all three of us were touched by the heart felt blog post. We feel blessed to have shared the room with such a loving family like the Jeffers. Lauren loved her time with Sarah, and is cherishing the sweet card and stuffed puppy (Moses Crayola) from Sarah. Sarah is such a brave little girl, and we were so happy to see her move away from the discomfort that follows surgery, to walking around and being a smiling new friend for Lauren. Thank you to the entire Jeffers family for adding a ray of sunshine to our hospital visit. We are looking forward to staying in touch with the Jeffers family!! All the best for continued recovery and happiness!!