Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Minor Set Back

Just as we thought things were going well Sarah had a set back.......the stomach bug! Which at any other time would not be pleasant either but for a little girl healing from such a big surgery was tough. The stomach bug hit Saturday, and by that evening the pediatrician office was recommending we bring her to the ER at Children's Hospital. We are so grateful and thankful to our friend Mary who came over to stay with Jason who was already fast asleep in his bed. Bill, Sarah and I headed back into Boston. We had never been to the ER there but were surprised how fast we signed in and made it through triage. Sarah was quite dehydrated and in need of IV
Fluids. She was pale and lethargic and had a terrible belly ache. We were told she would be admitted and Bill headed back home and got there around 2:30 am with the time change. Sarah and I were in the ER until about 6am when they finally moved us up to her room, which coincidently enough was 2 doors down from her previous room. A sleepy Sarah and Mom "tried" to sleep but you know how it is at a hospital. Sarah continued to show difficulty with her eating and drinking so it was decided for her to stay another night. Part of the reason Sarah became dehydrated so quickly was her blood loss from her recent surgery and the fact that at the present time she is anemic. Monday proved to be a better day for Sarah and after she could show she was able to drink better we were discharged late afternoon. Bill and Jason came to pick us up and Jason and Sarah had sometime to play in the playroom. In fact the timing was just right that there was a music therapist that was there playing the guitar and singing. We headed home in rush hour traffic, but the good news was we were headed home. Sarah is slowly building up her eating and drinking and is feeling better today. She does still say her belly hurts but it is mostly around eating. On a happier note Sarah's surgery site looks great and swelling has gone down!!! Yeah

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