Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sarah and Jason could not be happier to be reunited, and Bill and I could not be happier to have our family all back together at home! The smiles on their face are priceless. And yes Jason is wearing Sarah's shoes. As soon as she took her shoes off Jay put them on. A big thank you go out to the grandparents for taking such good care of Jason in our absence!!!
Sarah and I drove to Waltham to meet with Dr. Meara at the Children's Hospital site there. Dr Meara is pleased that the fluid pocket on the left has gone down a little but somewhat concerned about the fluid pocket on the right. So Sarah now has another appointment on Friday at Children's in Boston for the doctor to take another look. Dr. Meara didn't feel comfortable waiting the weekend to see her again. Again lets hope that this resolves itself and no other intervention is needed. Sarah continues to be very pale and although has some energy is not completely back to herself.

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save that picture so you can pull it out when they are fighting over the car