Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday

Hello Everyone :) We are all so happy to have spent a comfortable night home and to have had a great nights sleep. Sarah is doing great. Full of pep and energy. Sarah was to follow up with Dr. Meara (plastic surgeon) on Wednesday or Thursday; however, when we removed her head wrap this morning to see how the pockets of fluid look we noticed right away that they had gotten bigger. You might be able to see the pockets in this picture. They are on each side of her face, aside of her eyes and near her ears. We are awaiting a call back from Dr. Meara's office as they will probably need to see her today or early tomorrow. Hopefully this situation subsides on its own and will not need any intervention. Sarah has been busy this morning painting at the easel, coloring in her coloring book, watching some cartoons, and she ate great at breakfast. Daddy has been giving Mommy some time to catch up on some sleep....Thanks Daddy! For now we await the call from the doctors and are grateful to be spending time at home.

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