Thursday, March 10, 2011


These two love their tubby time and were happy to get into the bath tonight. We had to keep reminding Sarah not to submerge her head in the water and she did a great job listening! Even with some restrictions it was a happy time for them both.

Sarah is singing, dancing, playing, etc. She is happy most of the time, except when a little brother takes a toy or whatever. Night continues to be a struggle for her and she has been very restless in her sleep.

We continue to monitor the fluid pocket which can easily be seen in this picture. (Well at least we can see it) The right side is still pretty big and hasn't seemed to go down since yesterday. The left side pocket is still there but significantly smaller. We will head back into Boston tomorrow to see what Dr. Meara thinks. Again, we are hoping the issue resolves itself and does not need medical intervention.


Lauren said...

SO cute!!!!!!

f said...

yes you are right we can see it but her eye dosent seem as swollen........good luck tomorrow let us know how it goes...sorry about the lunch maybe next week depending on my schedule

Matt said...

Hope everything went well today!