Friday, March 11, 2011

Successful Dr's Visit

Today Sarah and I headed into Boston once again for Dr. Meara to get another look at those fluid pockets. Our appointment was a 12:45pm.....and we were squeezed in between the Doctor in the OR and his clinic. We waited for 2 hours for great news. Sarah is doing great. Swelling is down. Pockets are getting smaller. We are out of the woods! Dr. Meara is very pleased with Sarah's progress and we don't have to see him until April 11th, unless there is a need to do so before then. Although Sarah does have some fluid left it is decreasing/absorbing more everyday and should continue to do so. We were aware Dr. Meara would be unavailable for a couple weeks at the end of the month so I kindly said to the Doctor "have a nice vacation" to which he responded "i don't know if I would call it vacation". I gave the doctor a confusing look and he responded "I am headed to Rwanda" and I said "well I guess that is not vacation then huh". He chuckled and I felt like a goofball. Dr. Meara is part of Doctors Without Borders and has been to quite a few places.......I knew I liked him. Something about a do-gooder that warms the heart. Even if there happens to be a need to return to the hospital for any reason there is a very good team of experienced doctors that would be able to help out.

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f said...

thats all the good care you have been giving her :)