Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 4-Recovery: Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone. After Sarah fell asleep last night she slept the night through. She woke up this morning and is able to open both eyes not all the way but just enough to see which is fantastic. She continues to be a bit sad about everything but we hope that she may be able to do so fun things today to brighten her spirits. We have started the morning out with a little bit of coloring. The doctors are doing rounds and we will have a visit by Dr. Meara in about an hour to talk more about her plan.


Caroline said...

Maybe Sarah is her best judge. Maybe she is right about going home. The Dr's did say that she may be going home today or Saturday
didn't they. I'm sure if she is physically ok, maybe that's what she really needs. Give her a kiss
from Me. Grammie

f said...

Jillie--the third day is always the worst..I am sure she is responding like she is from all the meds hang in there stay as long as you need