Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 3-Recovery

Sarah had a great nights sleep. The plastics team came this morning to remove the dressing from her head. She is definitely more swollen today then yesterday and her spirits are down. She is frightened that she cannot see anything and is just so sad. We are so sad for her. It is kinda of a sad day. We know things will get better each day but it is still hard to go through. She continues to show little to no interest in food but did have 3 or 4 cheerios last night and a bite of toast.


f said...

Hey Jill,

The third day I think is always the worst. Things will start to pick up.
Hang in there.


Laura said...

We've been thinking about Sarah and hope she feels better soon--she is so strong and brave. We look forward to seeing her--and all of you--very soon! Love, Laura, Charlie, Matthew, Heather & Lindsey

Caroline said...

It was so nice to see you today Sarah. You are a big brave girl just like I told you today. The
swelling was starting to go down, and you were peeking at Grammie out
your little eye. You are a beautiful little girl, inside and
out. Thanks for the big smile when I was there. Love you, Grammie