Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I write to you all as Sarah quietly sleeps in her bed. This is the most restful sleep I have seen her have since we have been here. Her eyes are now completely swollen shut and she cannot see. They tell us this is usually the height of when she will be swollen. I just feel so bad for her. And all these people (doctors and nurses) as kind as they are make her anxious because she thinks they are here to take blood or hurt her. We have had a total of 5 nurses so far. Last nights nurse named Lauren was Wonderful! And then this afternoon when we moved to the children's floor Nurse Karen was fabulous! She really tried to get to know Sarah and moved us to a more roomy spot by the window. Not to say the others were not kind, they did there job but when people go above and beyond for my kids they go right into my heart :) So yes, we moved from the ICU to the children's floor....we are on the 9th floor, room 902B. This portion of the floor is dedicated to patients who have had neurosurgery or have a neurological disorder, and because half of Sarah's surgery was neurosurgery we are here. When we arrived into the room Sarah had a roommate, a little girl named Lauren who was just cute as could be. She was here to have a brain tumor removed. My heart goes out to Lauren and her family and to so many of the families who are dealing with so much. Lauren was discharged and we thought we had the room to ourselves but as I write we just got a new roommate. From what I can hear is a little boy, maybe around age 5.....hopefully we have a quiet night. Til tomorrow night night.

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