Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Week After Surgery....

It's been a week since Sarah's surgery and it is hard to believe what this little girl has been through this past week. Besides some swelling and stitches she seems just about back to the Sarah we love and know. Last night Sarah had a bit of a restless sleep but woke up happy as a clam. She continues to eat well and we are giving her some iron supplements to give her body the boost it needs. She is on little to no pain medication, just some tylenol before bed. Today we had a relaxing day at home and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma and Grandpa brought some tasty delights. We have been so blessed and not have not had to make a meal. Debbie made us some Swedish meatballs and cupcakes which we enjoyed last night. Sarah has particularly enjoyed Michelle's chicken noodle soup and Debbie's cupcakes. Tomorrow we go to see Dr. Meara to follow up on the fluid pockets that look just about the same if not just a little bit bigger than yesterday; however, the doctor said that can happen. The big excitement is for the return of Jason Jeffers tomorrow......oh how we have missed him!!!!

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