Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Post-OP Pics

So we finally got to see our Sarah. She is still very sleepy but will open her eyes off and on to see what is going on. She is stable and as comfortable as you can be with all she went through today. The nurses seem to be right on top of whethter she is having pain and give her morphine as needed. We are so very proud of our brave girl. I don't know if you can notice from the pictures but we can see a difference with the advancement of her forehead already. This helped with three things: It gave her skull more room to grow, gives her eyes more shelter, and creates a much more proportinate look to her face. I think this is the best picture of Sarah you will see for a little while. The next few days will bring bruising and swelling. She asked for a drink and had a few big sips of some ice water. Her lips are so dry and I am sure the breathing tube they used left her throat a little scratchy. Next on the menu maybe when she wakes is some cold treats. Perhaps a popsicle or ice cream.....we shall see. Daddy has headed home for the evening as we are both exhausted from the early wake up and just the whole day in general. Last thing we wanted was for Daddy to get stuck in traffic....we have all had enough stress today. Mommy is staying with Sarah and will be sleeping on a bed by the window. Sarah has not needed a blood transfusion as yet which is amazing the doctors tell us but is not out of the woods of needing one. She is just on the border now so we will see. The nurse tells me she is doing great. Her blood pressure is a little low but they gave her something to try and help that. The ICU requires that cell phones be powered off at all times so if you need to reach anyone you can call Bill. We think it is so important to show you pictures of Sarah and her progress so as not to be afraid. It is easy to be afraid of the unknown, and I am sure she would agree (She's quite smart ya know :)).


Anonymous said...

She looks great!!! What a brave girls. Thanks for all the updates! Hope you can get some sleep tonight Jill. Love you.

Lauren said...

She does look great! Drs are amazing and it helps that Sarah is a wonderful little patient :)
Thanks for keeping us posted!
Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful! So glad to hear everything is going so well! I love you all so much!
Please don't hesitate to call if you need anything. I can be there in a flash!